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Strategically price your perks. $25 perks are the most frequently claimed. $100 perks raise the most money and often make up nearly 30% of total funds raised. Do the math and make sure you're not losing money. (Factor in shipping costs, manufacturing, and time. Each contribution made is recorded as a separate contribution with a separate perk. If you would like to receive a new perk, you can do this in a separate contribution. If you'd like to upgrade your existing perk or select a different perk, please contact the campaign owner Add-on perks allow you to have less accessory and upgrade perks on you campaign page and avoid clutter on the backer's end. Organized Shipments . You will have an easier time organizing shipments for delivery because all the perks go under one contribution on you perks claimed and donations csv

Indiegogo does not run campaigns nor does Indiegogo fulfill perks. If you want to inquire about the status of a perk, please contact the campaign owner directly. Check the Updates tab. Campaign owners are encouraged to update their backers on the status of their perk deliveries by sending out campaign updates When you start a new job, or when you decide that it's time to start saving, you are offered the opportunity to enroll in PERK. 3. PERK makes sure that a predetermined amount (for example, 5%) of whatever percentage your employer adds to your 401 K goes into an account called REWARDS. 4 Indiegogo is your destination for clever innovations in tech, design, and more, often with special perks and pricing for early adopters. Back a campaign, share your ideas and feedback with the project team - and join the risks and rewards of bringing new products to life. Learn about crowdfunding. Right Caret

Indiegogo is a truly global platform - every week we distribute funds to campaigners in 70-100 countries. Campaigners can easily connect with contributors on the other side of the globe, which presents unique challenges for campaigners - one of which is collecting payments to ship their perks around the world 5. Cross-promote with other campaigns with secret perks. Cross-promotion with other live crowdfunding campaigns is a great way to gain exposure and tap into alternative networks. When cross-promoting, you can offer a discount on one of your perks to encourage their backers to join your backer community. There are tons of unique ways for you to. This wearable nanotech device helps improve posture, chronic pain, emotional & physical w | Check out 'Taopatch: Upgrade Your Brain and Body' on Indiegogo. This wearable nanotech device helps improve posture, chronic pain, emotional & physical wellbeing Here are some of our favorite perks from recent IndieGoGo projects: Anyone Can Play Guitar - $800 Funders (Executive Producer) You'll get an executive producer credit on the film which gets you an IMDB.com credit Can I change or cancel my perk? Some perks are easier to change than others, generally It's easier to upgrade your perks. You can now do so on the contributions tab of your Indiegogo profile. See more information on how to do this for Indiegogo here: https://support.indiegogo.com/hc/en-us/articles/526756-How-to-Upgrade-Your-Perk

For stronger engagement and happier backers, weave frequent communication about shipping and other project milestones into your content and marketing updates. For more on production and fulfillment, formatting your perks, and offering upgrades to encourage repeat contributions, read the new Perk Strategy Guide

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Enjoy a smart life with various smart devices from different brands without | Check out 'Mixtile: Upgrade to secure smart home in 5 minutes' on Indiegogo INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN UPDATES. March 30, 2017 IMPORTANT: An update about your perks! March 30, 2017 / Broken Lizard. Hey everybody, We've got something we think you'll be interested in - PERKS. You need to fill out your perk survey. It's coming your way tomorrow morning (March 31, 2107) As the GMK Nucbox campaign is moving towards the HK$2 Million figure on Indiegogo, the company has decided to upgrade its Monitor Perk to a 14-inch 4K touchscreen model If you backed our Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, are no longer interested in receiving your unit perk, and are instead hoping to receive a refund, we have some news regarding that matter. Backers who request to have their pledges refunded will get refunded INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tryhardninja-pick-a-universe-the-new-albumBe a part of making the most awesome video game inspired mu..

Help a friend get in on our exclusive early bird discount by sharing this secret perk. Secret perks are only visible to people with this special URL. [Share secret perk link] Upgrade your perk. By popular request, you can now upgrade to our new [Insert Perk Name] where you get [include details about the new perk]. Keep the suggestions coming TYT has now passed the HALF-WAY mark on our Indiegogo campaign to build a brand new, awesome studio! Great news... but we've still got a long way to go! To i..

Indiegogo takes this one step further with add-ons. As the name suggests, these perks can be added to any other perk, and combined to give the backers more freedom in choosing the package they want. One thing Kickstarter does have that Indiegogo doesn't, is the timed perk Perks enable you to engage fans, build trust and provide an opportunity... Perks are benefits that you can offer in exchange for contributions to your campaign Get special early-bird prices and perks. Many campaigns on Indiegogo launch with special perks and heavily discounted prices for the very first backers. For most campaigns, being early can mean getting your product at a fraction of the eventual MSRP We have found that crowd funding is still new to many people. So we have made a video to show you how to choose a perk and help fund your favorite cause. art..

Starting THIS TUESDAY (August 4), look for your perk surveys. We'll email you a link to complete your survey on a site called PledgeManager. We'll also send you another update with more details on Tuesday, when the surveys start going out, to remind you. You MUST fill out the survey to get your perks You will find out what you should be doing before, during, and after your campaign goes live. If you have additional questions, please reach out to the Indiegogo team at www.indiegogo.com/contact Pages Other Brand Health/Beauty Pip & Lola's Everything Homemade Videos Making the Indiegogo perks Indiegogo Guaranteed Delivery will cover Campaigns that have received a Guaranteed Delivery badge. A Backer may request a refund the day after the guaranteed delivery date for their Perk if the Perk has not been received by the guaranteed delivery date. The refund will be reviewed and processed in accordance with the Guaranteed Delivery Policy B+T Indiegogo perk update. 17w. lindseycamile. You guys are the best! 17w Reply. miseryenvy. Thanks for all your hard work packing up merch! 17w Reply. shandabezic. @unrealfehr oh my god your life right now! Do it buddy. Stay strong. Stay organized

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