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Optoro reduces costs from returns with cutting-edge reverse supply chain technology. Optoro offers an end-to-end returns solution for all points in the returns lifecycle Maximize every return, every time with G2: The Smarter Way to Process Returns. Comprehensive solutions for every stage of the returns life cycle. Call to schedule demo Top Reverse Logistics Companies 2021 1. ShipBob. ShipBob is a tech-savvy 3PL focusing on forward and reverse logistics services for direct-to-consumer (D2C)... 2. XPO Logistics. They offer forward and reverse logistics solutions to both business-to-business (B2B) and... 3. Bowman Logistics. Bowman.

Top reverse logistics Companies LogiNext. LogiNext brings real time tracking and high tech data visualization for the logistics industry. With our best-... Returnly.com. Returnly helps online retailers and brands bring frictionless returns to the modern shopper. The... Optoro. Optoro connects the. Top 3PL Third-party Logistics for Reverse Logistics (69) 41. Port Jersey Logistics. Biagi Bros. is a third-party logistics company, headquartered in the United States, established in the year 1950. It offers warehousing fulfillment & transportation services. Warehouse Locations The Reverse Logistics Group facilitates closed material loops by providing next-generation returns, take-back and recycling management solutions. We help our customers conserve or return value and valuable resources - across country borders and throughout the whole product life cycle

The reverse logistics process is executed in the following manner: Step 1: The products to be returned are first retrieved from the customer or the warehouse. Step 2: All the products returned are consolidated as per company's policy and quality checks are performed 1. Introduction. Reverse logistics (RL) aims at recovering part of the original value of used goods, producing economic, environmental, and social gains, mainly in industrialized regions (Carter and Easton, 2011).In regions with an expressive generation of waste, RL helps to reduce the pressure on public sanitation systems (Berthier, 2003), giving a proper destination to obsolete materials. Apple is one of the successful companies which uses Reverse logistics process successfully. Apple has implemented Reverse Logistics to make their process of manufacturing environment-friendly and also to gain the loyalty of their customers Reverse logistics is a value-added process that addresses how a company receives items back from customers. The most common scenario in which reverse logistics come into play is when a customer wants to return an item. The process for how a company handles that product is an example of reverse logistics. How Do Reverse Logistics Work and material. Reverse logistics is a small part of the total logistics of a company. Reverse logistics deals with the handling of the goods that are being returned to the manufacturer by the customer. It covers all the activities that determine the fate of these returned goods. This thesis tries to understand the basic concepts of reverse logistics

Reverse logistics research has also found that 84.6 percent of companies in the United States use secondary market and 70 percent see the secondary market as a competitive advantage. [17] A Taiwanese research paper suggests three influential factors that drive the need for Reverse Logistics in businesses: Economic needs, Environmental needs, and Social needs Failure to Track Reverse Logistics Companies Performance Data Leaves Money on the Table Working with reverse logistics companies has become rather commonplace. It's an opportunity to eliminate the full hassle of managing reverse logistics. However, every company with a brick-and-mortar location will inevitably incur in-person returns

As one of the most respected operations of reverse logistics in the country, the RLC Logistics Reverse Logistics team offers solutions that maximize the value of your post-shelf products and company assets. By following a Reverse Logistics pipeline we can manage any scenario (misloading, damage, shrinkage, etc.) and keep costs to a minimum by being diligent and using Forensics, Recovery and Risk Mitigation as reverse logistics management tools Thus, logistics in itself covers a broad and a rather complex range of activities. 'Being efficient' is really important for such firms. Having said that, let's take a look at the top 10 best logistics companies in the world in 2020 and their strategies at work Companies like Sears, Dell, and Zappos are often pointed to as models to follow for reverse logistics. Yet given the changeable nature of the beast, we also need to ask what 'doing it well' means in this context, especially if we want to know how much of others' success can be applied to one's own organisation

Company reverse logistics examples. Many famous brands and companies have realised how strictly linked reverse logistics and sustainability are, such as: Recycled clothing lines. H&M places drop-off points in every store to collect used clothes, which will then be used to create a recycled clothing line A fifth driver of reverse logistics is the company's go-to-market strategy. This usually relates to the channels the company uses to connect with its customers. It also incorporates supply chain and marketing processes that guide how the company interacts with customers

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Reverse logistics is the process involving the return movement of goods away from their final destination for the purpose of capturing value or proper disposal John Spacey, August 22, 2017 Reverse logistics is any process that involves moving things from the customer back to the producer. This includes business processes that involve transport from distribution endpoints such as retail locations back in the supply chain to locations such as warehouses and factories

Reverse logistics is only necessary when a product or material is being sent 'backward' in the supply chain. Some of the activities included in reverse logistics include remanufacturing, refurbishing, and redesigning, but these activities go beyond the basic process of recycling packaging or reusing shipping containers We are a trade association focused on Third Party Service Providers to whom OEMs, ODMs, Branded and Retail companies outsource. The Reverse Logistics Association monitors thousands of 3PSPs worldwide who are providing Aftermarket Supply Chain services, while supporting the outsourcing needs of OEM, ODM, Branded and Retail companies Companies use reverse logistics to implement proper product disposal, to retrieve parts, or to refurbish used products. Reverse logistics can also help a company reduce waste and improve their environmental footprint. Reduce environmental impact: Reverse logistics is an excellent strategy environmentally-friendly companies should employ Reverse logistics is a critical part of the supply chain that logistics and retail companies must integrate to remain competitive in the eCommerce delivery industry. When digitized and automated, a reverse logistics service will reduce losses, improve shipper and end customer satisfaction, and play a significant role in a green logistics strategy Reverse logistics completes the product lifecycle to support reuse and repurposing of products and materials. You can recapture value by reselling items as is, refurbishing them or selling to a discount liquidator. Some materials can be recycled or sent for final disposal in an environmentally responsible manner. How does reverse logistics work

Reverse logistics is the first to be presented in 1992 by Stock (Autry, 2005). There are many definitions of reverse logistics appear gradually. In general, logistics indicates the products are transported from producer to customer, while reverse logistics is in an opposite way (Autry, 2005). After research, the correlation among reverse logistics Reverse logistics (RL) have the importance in the business and the industry, as there is the major focus on the reuse of products and materials

Reverse logistics means moving goods and products from their destination (the end user) back to the seller or manufacturer. Thus, reverse logistics is like the traditional supply chain, but it moves in the opposite direction. The ultimate objective for the process is proper disposal, customer satisfaction, servicing, or recapturing value Despite the unique challenges posed by reverse logistics as an industry, adding tech to the mix can only make the processes involved easier. It may require some tweaking and a little bit of a learning curve to get things just right, but automating anything that can be automated will ultimately end up speeding up the whole process and saving companies with eCommerce arms significant dollars and. Companies such as goTRG and B-Stock Solutions offer reverse logistics solutions they say can boost recovery rates, reduce dependence on liquidators and automate the process of disposition. They're taking boatloads of these returns that are being sold to them and turning lemons into lemonade, Sciarrotta said RLA: Global Voice Of The Returns & Reverse Logistics Industry Millions of products are returned each year. Join the global organization that will help your company optimize the Reverse Logistics process now and in the future Reverse logistics research has also found that 84.6 percent of companies in the United States use secondary market and 70 percent see the secondary market as a competitive advantage. [17] A Taiwanese research paper suggests three influential factors that drive the need for Reverse Logistics in businesses: Economic needs, Environmental needs, and Social needs

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  1. g one of the greatest supply chain challenges companies face today. A reverse logistics supply chain management strategy is critical to maintaining healthy inventory turn and operating expenses
  2. Reverse logistics, as part of a comprehensive supply chain program, will work to reduce your environmental impact. Reverse logistics will help you identify and implement various ways of reusing, reselling, or recycling products and materials that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill
  3. massive role in firms´ total revenues. In the automotive industry, companies do not seem to be managing their reverse logistics in a proper way, and this constitutes a big problem. Reverse logistics has to be further take into consideration, as it ensure the end-customer satisfaction, a

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Returns, Repairs and Reverse Logistics are challenges for every Company. Learn how to provide World Class improvements in Reverse Logistics Optimization Reverse Logistics is an absolute must for any business that has a returns policy. If you want the most cost-effective returns process, then you need to have key performance indicators (KPIs) in place to measure your Reverse Logistics Here are three simple ways tech can be applied to reverse logistics right now: Apps can help facilitate returns. There are apps for that these days. Some are designed to facilitate product returns... Automating inventory solutions. Too many reverse logistics companies continue to grade products by. XPO Logistics — one of the top logistics companies worldwide — is an American transportation and logistics company that operates its services in over 30 countries. The company is popular due to providing its services to over 69 of the top Fortune 100 companies and has over 50,000 customers worldwide

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characteristics of reverse logistics for remanufacturing systems. In this paper we give an overview of articles that describe how firms and other organizations deal with reverse logistics. Contrary to previous work, we do not focus on a specific reverse logistics aspect (e.g Reverse fulfillment and reverse logistics can give ecommerce businesses a competitive advantage. Many companies offer free returns and free return shipping. With no immediate returns costs and minimal hassle, customers are comfortable with making purchases Many companies which consider reverse logistics as a troublesome process but there are some which can even earn profits out of it. This can be done by many ways like providing faster service of taking back the returned goods and giving the refund to the customers Monitoring the flow of Reverse Logistics . Logistics companies use nine metrics to monitor the flow of reverse logistics. This metrics help to analyze the logistics systems performance and that in turn can be used to modify the strategies in need. You can also understand the monitoring process of reverse logistics using these metrics Key insights about reverse logistics process flow, 3PL companies, supply chain management, transportation and logistics, and logistics analytics are covered in this blog

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August 23, 2017. Tags: Reverse Logistics, Logistics I.T., Retail, Logistics, Supply Chain Are you ready to pay attention to the benefits a reverse logistics program can bring to your enterprise? Here are two expert perspectives on the opportunities that will make a difference in reverse logistics programs and how to establish goals to optimize those benefits The global reverse logistics market is forecast to hit US$603.90 billion by 2025, and businesses can save millions of dollars if reverse logistics management is implemented and done properly. With the expansion of the e-commerce industry emerging in parallel with the closure of many brick-and-mortar stores, retailers can expect to see a hike in return goods once the reopening of the sector begins For many companies, reverse logistics has become an integral part of their business plan, offering them the ability to maximize the efficiency of their operations. Generally, reverse logistics is defined as the process of moving goods from their typical final destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal

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Reverse logistics and the circular economy Reverse logistics involves the collection of goods, transportation to a given location and sorting prior to remanufacturing, refurbishing, reusing or recycling or failing that, disposal. It plays an important role in the process of companies aiming to transition to a circular economy Reverse logistics is more complicated than forward logistics. Retailers want shipping companies that create new efficiencies and cut costs. According to an industry survey, 60% of active online shoppers say that free returns are a vital part of a good returns experience. The US auto industry recorded the sales of 17.3 million vehicles in 2018. Reverse logistics is a process whereby companies can become more environmentally efficient through recycling, reusing, and reducing the amount of materials used.A more holistic view of reverse logistics includes reduction of materials in the forward system in such a way that fewer materials flow back, reuse of materials is possible, and recycling is facilitated All retail businesses must contend with eliminating unnecessary costs connected to the supply chain process. One widely known cost center in the supply chain is reverse logistics Reverse logistics is an integral component of the supply chain and manufacturers have come to realize that an effective reverse logistics program is an important and strategic part of their business profitability and competitive position. In attempting to better manage the constant flow of returned goods, manufacturers have identified target areas key to streamlining the reverse logistics.

Reverse logistics is extremely important to most businesses because it can help you tackle some of the greatest threats the industry will face by 2020.. There may be as many as 30.7 billion IoT devices in use by 2020. That will put a significant strain on all networks as data spikes exponentially and approaches zettabyte levels annually About 76% of respondents couldn't determine or weren't sure how much money reverse logistics was saving their company. And it may not be saving anything at all—some estimates show it costs double to return an item in the supply chain as it does to deliver it Use Technology to Enhance Your Reverse Logistics Process Article - 4 Min. Read. Two-thirds of companies use technology to improve their reverse logistics process. Read more about the top four technologies that can transform returns for logistics teams reverse logistics 1. reverse logistics 2. in a competitive environment, the philosophy of accepting product returns as an edge over competitors has resulted in huge challenges to logistics management today, logistical support means going beyond 'forward logistics' to include product recall, product - disposal and product recycling etc. the logistics objectives include reverse materials.

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Our reverse logistics technology, reduces costs and enhances your customer experience. Leveraging our reverse logistics technology helps increase inventory recovery and visibility in your reverse logistics life-cycle. The basic systems and processes of yesterday can no longer accommodate industry demands. Our centralized returns management. As a third-party logistics firm (3PL), you know that you fill a critical role in helping companies who need to outsource logistics to the experts. But even with all that expertise, sometimes 3PL companies need some help managing everything that goes into the forward and reverse logistics chains Conventional logistics service providers had very few alternatives for reversing the channel; however, as the technology has progressed, companies using robust, proficient reverse logistics process management have benefited from: Reduced administrative, transportation, and aftermarket support costs. Increased velocity. Increased service market. What most of the businesses underrate is reverse logistics. Logistics management ensures streamlined delivery of goods from the warehouse/hub to the customer's [] When it comes to managing logistics, most of the businesses think that it involves managing orders, assigning them to the right vehicle, tracking them in real-time, and delivering them to the customer's location A great reverse logistics help company to save both cost of production and growing in sales (Dowlatshahi, 2010). 4. CONCLUSION Reverse logistics is the most effective method for company to implement in supply chain structure. Reverse logistics is the reflection to both cost and benefit that implement by the company

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Companies in the food industry that develop reverse logistics procedures and networks may qualify for existing tax incentives and credits. The growing concern about waste in landfills-and food waste in particular-makes a compelling reason for food manufacturers and distributors to begin developing plans for reverse logistics Our business model revolves around the fact that businesses have specific logistics needs and giving them the freedom to choose services is important. We have been providing reverse logistics solutions for more than 10 years and are one of the few reverse logistics providers in Australia with a great reputation Growth Drivers for Logistics Companies in India: The growth in Indian logistics will be driven by the growth in the manufacturing, retail, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and e-commerce sectors. In India, road freight constitutes around 63 percent of the total freight movement consisting of 2.2 million heavy-duty trucks and about 600,000 light-duty trucks annually

Other companies are leveraging reverse logistics to better manage their inventories. Fidelitone, for example, will take in usable returns and hold the products or parts for a client for a set number of days — 60, 90, 120,. of reverse logistics [19] took a slightly different perspective on Reverse Logistics by analyzing companies' product take back policies. RevLog published two books, one on quantitative modeling as for aiding reverse logistics decision-making [7] And the other on managing closed-loop supply chains [7] If your business doesn't have a great reverse logistics plan, you could be losing revenue and not even realizing it. Planning for products to return to your company (returns management) may seem counter-intuitive.Still, for companies that offer rentals, product pick-ups, or any type of shipment logistics management, the path backward can be just as costly as the path forward Key Reverse Logistics Management Element Reverse Logistics Information Systems One of the most serious problems that the companies face in the execution of a reverse logistics is the dearth of a good information systems. To work well, a flexible reverse logistics information system is required Reverse Logistics Company Milwaukee. Returns can be a hassle! Let Pierce Distribution take control of your returns and handle the receiving, inspecting, and refurbishing. At Pierce Distribution, we understand the importance of a well-run returns program

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Global Companies ›› reverse logistics Proconnect Supply Chain Solutions Limited Warehousing,Transportation,Mission Critical Services,3PL to Ecommerce,Reverse Logistic,Third Party Logistics, Reverse Logistics, In-Plant Logistics Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Consulting, Mission Critical, Ecommerce, Transportatio Partnering with a reverse logistics company is a great move for your retail business. Not only will your customers be happier with the way their returns are processed faster, you'll quickly see the impact of that swift returns management on your bottom line. But not all reverse logistics companies are created equally, so before yo

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Reverse logistics management is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of e-Commerce management and fulfillment. The buying and return management needs of goods owners in sectors such as footwear and apparel are far different because their customers are buying differently than a company selling home furnishings or consumer electronics The logistical process does not always end when the customer receives the items he ordered. Returns and disposal of packaging and products after the life cycle are also the responsibility of the companies. For these cases, it is necessary to establish reverse logistics, that is, the return of materials from the consumer's hands to the. Products and companies that are built to last are responsive to the customer long after a purchase. This is where reverse logistics comes into the equation. Through the years, I have purchased Nike shoes though various retailers and they all replace defective items without question

blu for businesses. Returns management. Encourage sales and boost customer loyalty with a hassle-free returns process. Allow your customers to drop off their parcels for return at any bluPort parcel terminal, and sit back as we take care of retail reverse logistics to facilitate a seamless handover Other companies noted for their great return policies include Costco, JCPenney, and Home Depot. These retailers have entire distribution centers and systems dedicated solely for processing returns and handling reverse logistics Reverse logistics dilemmas cost companies up to $260B Published Dec. 20, 2016 By. Jennifer McKevitt Contributing Editor. Depositphotos. Dive Brief: Retailers are obliged to accept returns, though the cost of doing so can reach up to $260 billion dollars, CNBC reported last week. Approximately 8% of all. Reverse logistics is the term used to describe the way a company handles products that get shipped backwards through the supply chain. Customer returns are a form of reverse logistics, but so is the unsold merchandise sent back from a store, among other scenarios

Earlier companies did not pay much attention to reverse logistics. However, now due to consumer awareness, law enforcement on disposal of certain goods makes it very important for companies to manage an efficient reverse logistics. Now-a-days, companies are even getting ISO certification for their returns process through reverse logistics Companies who want to join the circular economy and expand their supply chain to include the return of used products and materials for recovery must understand the requirements and maturity of their reverse logistics infrastructure. The Reverse Logistics Maturity Model (RLMM) presented in this paper was developed to.

When it comes to opportunity costs and reverse logistics management, consider the example of expanding your repair operations to another country. Many companies move overseas, attracted by the lower labor rates but fail to fully consider the time and effort involved in setting up a repair center or finding a repair partner Reverse Express. Offers reverse logistics in effective and cost effective manner. It transports goods from location of the end user to the location of the manufacturer Reverse Logistics Company Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 03 July 2008. It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 11,000,000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 492,966 The reverse movement of products offers many challenges and opportunities not present with forward logistics, he says. And most companies are not there yet. They still need to spend more quality management time carefully examining and constructing their reverse logistics processes

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Our Reverse Logistics & Repair Services solutions minimize the cost and increase the velocity of the most complex area of the supply chain ¬- returns. This has two consequences: Currently unsaleable items need to be stored temporarily and companies are having to build up safety stocks to avoid interruptions in supply Reverse Logistics Company Uses AI to Find Value in Retail While Retail Apocalypse would no doubt make a great sequel to the iconic movie Apocalypse Now - with Martin Sheen reprising his role as Capt. Willard, trying to navigate his way through the dangerous modern day Mekong of the American mall - the term actually refers to the collapse of brick-and-mortar stores As we mentioned in our previous article, this process is relatively new in the warehouse industry, which is why many companies are still unprepared to handle the high volume of product returns.. To help you, we will list some best practices you can follow to advance your reverse logistics process and provide a seamless return experience for customers Reverse logistics is defined as the processes of receiving returned components or products for the purpose of recapturing value or proper disposal. Reverse logistics processes and plans rely heavily on reversing the supply chain so that companies can correctly identify and categorize returned products for disposition, an area that offer End users and consumers appreciate companies that work in their favour, and implementing a smooth returns system benefits them while boosting your performance. Reverse logistics can make the returns process easy for your customers and help you replace or refund their purchases quickly

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A Reverse Logistics Solution is just as important as Forward Logistics Your returns solution is no longer an afterthought at your company, so why should your reverse logistics solution be? By working with us, you'll have access to a highly tenured reverse logistics teams across the globe Reverse logistics should be considered from two different points of view: Corporate: the reverse logistics of returns management means dealing with the increase in returns that businesses incur in their stock levels. Ecological: one of the aims of reverse logistics is to minimize the environmental footprint of doing business the reverse logistics transaction cycle for many industries is considered to be outside of their core competency, so many companies outsource part or all of the function to their logistics service providers. and packaging is a real concern for global companies. . logistics..

With all those incredible benefits, it can be difficult to believe that some companies would choose to ignore their reverse logistics plan. Get ahead of your competition by improving your returns management process, to take advantage of those potential benefits Given that reverse logistics is a complex process, organizations should diligently make it a point to be vigilant in tracking the movement of goods sent back to the warehouses and third party dealers. Also, upgrading the software being used for this process will have a huge impact on reimbursement claims and financial planning of the organization

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Reverse Logistics - the driving forces Despite the little knowledge of some organizations about reverse logistics, some companies view it as gains in terms of market competitiveness. Therefore, it is natural that they know the driving forces for its adoption Overview. The Need: an estimated 50 million tons of electronic equipment is discarded every year globally, a figure increasing 17% a year due to lack of reverse logistics and remanufacturing initiatives.. The Solution: combine HP's outreach capacity to establish a robust reverse logistics scheme with Sinctronics' capacity and expertise to recover and create value out of HP end-of-use.

The newest differentiator is reverse logistics. Many companies offer some kind of program, but few provide optimal solutions. As is often the case when there are more issues that need addressing than time to do them, reverse logistics is usually left to chance or considered as an afterthought Reverse logistics is the movement of goods from customers to the manufactures to capture their value or proper disposal.The reverse logistics in pharma industry process involves collecting goods from the customer and sorting the different components to either dispose of or retrieve them at different points in the supply chain and remanufacturing process Reverse logistics are also important for lowering your costs. Think of it this way - products are not always damaged beyond repair when in need of reverse logistics solutions. Businesses often see the most fit solution to be issuing a refund and disposing of the goods

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Pharmaceutical companies and retailers who sell the medications are committed to taking expired items off of the shelves and have reverse logistics in place for this. About 3-4% of medical products leaving pharmaceutical warehouses comes back as a return for disposal or redistribution, according to the Healthcare Distribution Management Associatio A reverse logistics management company can help make your return process as smooth as possible, which will make business easier for you, and keep customers coming back time and time again. The Importance of Reverse Logistics in e-Commerce Customer Retention. Functional and efficient e-commerce reverse logistics is imperative for businesses to. REVERSE LOGISTICS 2 Reverse Logistics Reverse logistics involves all operations related to the reuse of materials and products. Essentially, it is the process of moving goods from their normal final destination in order to capture value or ensure proper disposal. The growing green concerns, as well as the advancement of green supply chain management practices and concepts, make the reverse. Reverse logistics are often more time-sensitive than getting the goods to the customer in the first place. This is because of the risk of obsolescence, or usability, of the returned goods. This is one of the many factors that motivate e-commerce providers to outsource their reverse logistics setup Businesses will frequently try to help manage these issues by sending internationally in batches - but when considering reverse logistics, such as consumer returns, it's not exactly reasonable to the consumer to delay shipping until the item can be paired with others going to the same place

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