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Although it is quite hard to answer this question. After careful consideration, we can reach the conclusion that Gandalf is more powerful. It is said by Galadriel that he is even stronger than Saruman even in his weaker, grey form. As Gandalf the White, he defeated Saruman and showed his real strength Gandalf the White was so superior to Saruman at that point that Gandalf didn't have to risk the land being destroyed at all. He just broke Saruman. This is not evidence that Gandalf could not have won in a grueling fight against Saruman before Gandalf died and returned 'Yes, I am white now,' said Gandalf. 'Indeed I am Saruman, one might almost say, Saruman as he should have been.' The Two Towers, Book III, Chapter 5: The White Rider. He became the leader Saruman was not, leading the efforts of the resistance as Saruman should have, have him not betrayed them all Previously, Saruman the White was the head of the order, but he betrayed the forces of good and joined Sauron. By taking his title, Gandalf became the leader of the wizards and was given authority to punish Saruman. Another difference is that Gandalf the White could be harsher and applied his powers more readily

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From putting Saruman in his place to playing the part of the guiding hand in the war against Sauron, Gandalf the White ends up proving to be the most powerful wizard in all of Middle-earth history. Saruman and Gandalf are both incredibly powerful, however, Gandalf is able to control himself and use his powers for the greater good, while Saruman uses his powers in order to deploy his control over others Gandalf and Saruman are two incredibly powerful wizards, both of which are looked up to by many throughout the novel, in both admiration and in fear. Gandalf and Saruman began their journeys as wizards on the White Council together, using their powers for the greater good For those who have seen LOTR and The Hobbit part 2 this is a fight between Gandalf the White as he is during Return of the king and the Necromencer as he is during the Hobbit part 2. Here is the fight between Hobbit Gandalf the grey vs Necromencer : We saw that Gandalf the grey put up a.. Gandalf was stronger than Saruman before he turned white, and coequal to Sauron. Both Saruman and Gandalf were restricted in what powers they could use of course. Saruman knew in his heart that the Grey Wanderer had the greater strength, and the greater influence upon the dwellers in Middle-earth, even though he hid his power and desired neither fear nor reverence

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  1. Gandalf is overall more powerful as Gandalf the White. He is far more charismatic and has some limited foresight. He was able to defeat Saruman, breaking Saruman's power over Theoden and breaking his staff after the Ents took Isenguard
  2. One of the symbolic sides to this was Saruman the White would lead the fight against Sauron the Black. Saruman, as you know, went astray and forsook his mission to contest Sauron. Gandalf, after dying in his fight with the Balrog, was granted more life; I'm not sure on the specifics of how this worked, but I think that's the gist of it
  3. Gandalf sends Frodo on his long journey to the Fires of Mt Doom, in order to have the One Ring destroyed. As accompany, he sends Samwise Gamgee, before headi..
  4. GANDALF vs SARUMAN* Battle of the Wizards - LOTR/Hobbit - YouTube. GANDALF vs SARUMAN* Battle of the Wizards - LOTR/Hobbit. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If.
  5. This is a hard question to answer, however I will try to support my opinions with as much textual evidence as possible. The way I see it, there are 4 answers to this question, depending on when in the time line you decided to compare Gandalf and S..

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In Middle-earth, a wizard's power is housed within his staff. Gandalf is shown using his staff in combat against Saruman and the Balrog. This is the most extensive showing of Gandalf the Grey's powers in The Fellowship of the Ring. RELATED: Lord of the Rings Cast Campaign to Preserve Tolkien House. Gandalf the White saruman and white gandalf in isengard About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features © 2021 Google LL Superhero battle match: Gandalf The White versus Saruman. Who will win in a fight between Gandalf The White and Saruman

Though he would eventually be defeated by Gandalf the White, Saruman's powers and abilities were very mighty indeed at the peak of his power, and he managed to imprison Gandalf the Grey. Gandalf described Saruman as an individual of great knowledge, cunning, and skill Gandalf is one of the wisest and most knowledgeable beings in Middle-earth, and believed by Galadriel to be more worthy than Saruman in leading the White Council. He has extensive knowledge of many languages and writing systems used in Middle-earth, as well as in the history and customs of several of its peoples In TA 2851 the White Council met to decide on whether to act on Gandalf's discovery that the Necromancer was actually Sauron and was at Dol Guldur. But Saruman dissuaded the others from taking action, claiming that the Dark Lord was defeated and could not regain his full strength

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He became jealous of Gandalf, eventually convincing himself that Gandalf was scheming against him, which justified his own scheming against Gandalf and the rest of the White Council, and the people of Middle-earth as well. Saruman's ultimate agenda in the end was not very different at all from Sauron's Gandalf becomes the White Wizard and is far more powerful than Saruman. In The Return of the King , the final book, we see the differences in the fates of the two wizards The short answer is that Saruman the WHITE was more powerful than Gandalf the GREY, but GANDALF THE WHITE was considerably more powerful than Saruman. We know that Gandalf, who was known as Olórin when he lived in Valinor, was the wisest of the Ma.. Gandalf the White and Saruman vs Lord Voldermort and Death Eaters Prep for both sides, 5 days.. Book version Gandalf, Book version Saruman.. Movie versions for Voldermort and his death eaters.. Battle ends in death.. Battle takes place in Rohan.. What, all the Death Eaters? Regardless, book.

Gandalf the White vs Saruman the White. Thread starter Brian G Turner; Start date May 9, 2020; Brian G Turner Fantasist & Futurist. Staff member. Supporter. Joined Nov 23, 2002 Messages 24,927 Location Highlands. May 9, 2020 # Hence why Gandalf was able to come back as the White Wizard, taking the title and power from Saruman. Gandalf and Saruman are Istari, they are in a whole other league, simple mortal spells aren't. Thank you for the A2A. My answer will be a completely book based, instead of movie-based where everyone and their mother was more powerful than Gandalf the Grey (and Gandalf the White). When you ask who would win in a fight, I'm going to assume th.. Gandalf the White is the strongest being in the Middle Earth at the time of the War of the Ring ( because Sauron has no body ). So it only makes sense I would put him up against a Sauron with a. Superhero battle match: Magneto & Gandalf The White versus Count Dooku & Saruman. Who will win in a fight between Magneto & Gandalf The White and Count Dooku & Saruman

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  1. First of all, Saruman did not possess Theoden and got beaten up by Gandalf. And Saruman did not care. If he had cared so much about being 'white', he would not have gone astray. IT is not portrayed in the movies, but Saruman the White had becomeSaruman of Many Colours and was really proud about it
  2. When Gandalf died fighting with the Balrog, he was returned to life by the powers in Middle-earth that govern everything. He also received a promotion to Gandalf the White so he could combat Saruman the Jerk. But the big question here is why did the same powers or authority that resurrected Gandalf not officially demote Saruman or at least depower him
  3. Gandalf the White tries to convince Saruman to come back to their side and give them information about Sauron. He responds by blasting fire on Gandalf and his horse, but Gandalf is unfazed. Gandalf replies with Saruman, your staff is broken. and his staff immediately breaks apart, stripping him of his powers
  4. As people before me have stated, Narya would not have helped in battle. It was an aid to help it's bearer have the will to persevere against the darkness. Not something that would help in battle. Saruman also had his own ring. Considering that he.
  5. Superhero battle match: Gandalf & Gandalf The White versus Count Dooku & Saruman. Who will win in a fight between Gandalf & Gandalf The White and Count Dooku & Saruman
  6. In summary, then, Sauron was portrayed as stronger than Gandalf because he, like some other beings, apparently was indeed stronger, and Gandalf seems to have recognized that fact. It was not a big deal to him (though it may have been to Saruman), because that's not how Gandalf worked, and not how the Wizards were supposed to work
  7. Saruman is the fallen White Wizard and one of the Istari, five Maiar who came to Arda in human form to help in the conflict against Sauron. Eventually, Saruman allied himself with Sauron, hoping to betray him once he had learned his weakness so he could establish himself as ruler of Middle Earth. Saruman's power was destroyed before his plans could come to fruition, and he was killed when.

So, when Gandalf becomes the White, it's about showing that he's here to take Saruman's place and make up for Saruman's mistakes. Yes, I am white now, Gandalf tells Gimli Gandalf is a very old, very wise and very powerful wizard and one of the Ainur who entered the world of Arda at the dawn of creation. He is a main character as well as one of the main heroes in J.R.R Tolkien's Middle-Earth saga and Peter Jackson's live-action adaptation of the books respectively. Being thousands of years old, he is known far and wide by all: men, elves, dwarves, hobbits, and. Yet, between the source material and Jackson's film trilogy, it's pretty clear that Gandalf's leap in power from Grey to White wizard was vast compared to any transformation from Saruman. His experience with death and resurrection would seem to have augmented him with more power, influence, and wisdom, compared to a corrupted Saruman

Secondly, Gandalf's white robes and staff also depicted his promotion as head of the wizards. This was after Saruman the White betrayed the forces of good and the order to join hands with Saruman. As a result, Gandalf became the leader of the wizards. Thirdly, Gandalf the white was more generous when it came to using his powers Summary. Saruman is one of the main antagonists in the Lord of the Rings Movies and a supporting character in The Hobbit Movies.. Saruman is the leader of the Istari, an order of wizards sent by the Valar to Middle-earth to aid Men, Elves, and Dwarves in their struggle against the darkness who take the appearence of elderly but vigourous men to prevent them from directly fighting the forces of.

Superhero battle match: Saruman & Wormtongue versus Gandalf The White. Who will win in a fight between Saruman & Wormtongue and Gandalf The White Gandalf suspected early on that an evil presence, the Necromancer of Dol Guldur, was not a Nazgûl but Sauron himself. He went to Dol Guldur to discover the truth, but the Necromancer withdrew before him. The Necromancer returned to Dol Guldur with greater force, and the White Council was formed in response. Galadriel had hoped Gandalf would lead the Council, but he refused, declining to be. Saruman the White is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Gollum) of the 1954 fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings by the late J.R.R Tolkien, and the secondary antagonist of Peter Jackson's live action film trilogy adaptation of the novels. He is the main antagonist of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, before finally meeting. Superhero battle match: Professor Dumbledore & Saruman versus Gandalf The White & Radagast The Brown. Who will win in a fight between Professor Dumbledore & Saruman and Gandalf The White & Radagast The Brown Against Istari Gandalf, I'd back Dumbledore. He has too many instant fight-enders and way too many mobility and stealth options. He can go invisible without a cloak (feats and presentation in the first book), he can teleport with a thought, he can mind-whammy, he can transmute into a teacup, he can make float then smash around, and launch into orbit or whatever, he can accio the staff, he can.

Gandalf (Gray or White) was still significantly diminished compared to when he was Olorin. His ability was to kindle, not to over-awe with power. Even as Olorin at the height of his powers, he was afraid of Sauron (as per his response when Manwe asked him to go to Middle Earth) Saruman the White is an antagonist from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth series of books and movies. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 3.1 Feats 3.2 Faults Saruman VS Charmcaster Saruman vs. Count Dooku Voldemort Vs Saruman (Completed) Darth Vader Dracula(Castlevania) Quan Chi( Mortal Kombat) At the beginning of the Third Age, a Maia. In the movies, his new powers seems to have most to do with no longer getting his ass kicked by Saruman (which he never did in the books), and maybe a bit more effective against Nazgul. I would really like to know your opinion on why Jackson chose to downpower Gandalf

Gandalf is one of the main protagonist in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies. Gandalf is a member of the Istari, a group of Maiar that were specially chosen by the Valar to aid the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth in the fight against evil. The Istari, who are often called wizards by various races, take the form of elderly but hale Men, but possess much greater physical, mental, and. He was too wise to go into one-versus-one-duel against Sauron, since that wasn't using his own strength against the enemy's strength. That is the kind of fight Sauron wanted, and for that matter, the kind of fight Saruman wanted. Gandalf used his strength against the enemy's weakness: pride Saruman, formerly known as Saruman the White or Saruman the Wise, was one of the Istari, the Wizards sent to Middle-earth by the Valar to guide the Free Peoples against any potential return of Sauron.. However, his fascination with Sauron and his devices, as well as his own pride, lust for power and a more prominent role led to him falling under the Dark Lord's sway

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Saruman, also known as Curunir, is a character who is mentioned in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and the one who possesses Queen Marwen.In Middle-earth: Shadow of War, he is indirectly referenced several times.. One of the Istari sent to Middle-earth, Saruman's mission was to guide the Free Peoples against the return of Sauron.Lured by the promises of the Dark Lord's devices, the White Wizard. All the similarities between Gandalf and Jesus, their Passions, Deaths Let's take a moment to walk through the events immediately preceding Gandalf the Grey's resurrection as Gandalf the White. This is very much like the Word of God, which is made flesh. The wizards - Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast, et al. - were. Gandalf wandered widely in Middle-earth, and learned much of its races and peoples. Unlike his fellow Wizards Saruman and Radagast, he never settled in a single place. He helped to lead the resistance against Sauron, and was instrumental in the victory of the War of the Ring Gandalf then cast him out of the Order of Wizards and broke his staff, and thus apparently took away his power. 2 Gandalf and his companions then departed, leaving the Ents to watch Saruman in his tower, but not before Gríma unwittingly cast Saruman's palantír down from the tower as a missile, thus depriving his master of any means of communicating with Sauron Summary. Saruman was at first the powerful and wise leader of the five Istari, or wizards, in Middle-earth, and leader of the White Council. When Gandalf the Grey began suspecting that the Necromancer of Dol Guldur was none other than Sauron, the White Wizard opposed the idea as well as the Quest for the Lonely Mountain.When his comrade was captured however, Saruman, Galadriel and Elrond.

This is how the White Council and the Nazgul's battle and Mac and Sauron's battle goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle meets the Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. [Then we cut to Mac, Gandalf and Elgar speaking Elvish spells in the dungeons of Dol Guldur] Orc: [speaks in Black Speech] Spells will not save you in Dol Guldur. [Then Galadriel enters] Orc: This is my Master's domain. Die now. Function Order: Ni-Te-Fi-Se Against the power of Mordor, there can be no victory. - Saruman Saruman was once the greatest and wisest of the wizards, but time to ruminate, ponder, intellectualize, and consult the pilantir has corrupted him into a narrow ideological viewpoint. He senses a great power rising and chooses to align with it Saruman the White, originally as a Curumo is the secondary antagonist in J. R. R. Tolklien's novel The Lord of the Rings, he is also in film trilogies The Hobbits and The Lord of the Rings. He is Ainu, one of the sanctuailies created in the beginnings of the universe, but in the meantime, he's gone over to the Dark Lord Sauron's side. He was played by the late Sir Christopher Lee. 1.

The Witch King of Agmar & Sauron vs Smaug & The Balrog vsSaruman the White vs Lord Voldemort - Battles - Comic VineCouncil of Elrond » LotR News & Information » 1Saruman of many colours by TolmanCottonGandalf the White vs Obi-Wan Kenobi - Battles - Comic VineIstari Desktop Wallpaper Images - The Golden Wood

Gandalf and Saruman have a mental fight and Gandalf wins, revealing himself as the white wizard. With a war at hand, he advices Théoden to fight back, instead of retreating to Helm's Deep, but Théoden ignores this advice Posted by Grok January 23, 2021 January 23, 2021 Posted in Fellowship of the Ring Battle Reports Tags: Fellowship of the Ring, gandalf the grey, Lord of the Rings Miniatures Game, Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, Quest for the Ringbearer, saruman, Saruman vs. gandalf, wizard's duel Leave a comment on Fellowship of the Ring Scenario 7: Wizard. Ding, ding, ding!! It's an instant knockout round for our. best Middle-earth Mini Epic yet. Cast your votes, spells, and rings into the fires of Mordo Saruman is the fallen White Wizard and one of the Istari, five Maiar who came to Arda in human form to help in the conflict against Sauron. Eventually, Saruman allied himself with Sauron, hoping to betray him once he had learned his weakness so he could establish himself as ruler of Middle.. eyes there seemed to be a white light, as if a cold laughter was in his heart. ' And here's a variant of ol' Sharkey for those who are more familiar with the book. ' And here you will stay, Gandalf the Grey, and rest from journeys. For I am Saruman the Wise, Saruman Ring-maker, Saruman of Many Colours

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